Valquiria Imperiano



Valquiria Imperiano was born in Brazil. She first saw the light of day in 1953 in a small coastal town in the northeast of the country, called João Pessoa.


Eldest daughter of a large family, she spent all her childhood and adolescence in this region where the landscapes are filled with beauty.


Was it the intensity of the light or the lovely sea which was her first source of inspiration? Whichever it was, she felt the need to capture these images from her earliest years; on paper first, and then on canvas, she painted the landscapes she loved.


Her natural aptitude and her regular and assiduous work allowed her to progress quickly and improve her art. True to a figurative style, she gradually moved away from trying to create exact reproductions of landscapes, and instead introduced a wider concept to her art to communicate her emotions. Her extrovert, optimistic and cheerful mood are reflected within her paintings, which consist of an audacious mix of vivid colours and spontaneous strokes applied on to canvas with oil and acrylic paints.


During her university studies, which led her to obtain a degree in Portuguese, she opened her eyes wider to literature. Since then she has expanded her professional practice to also include writing poetry, essays and short stories, enabling her to transfer what she felt in her soul onto paper. At first she kept these in a drawer while she continued with her passion for painting. Now she has opened that drawer and her written work has started to become known and get published.


With a keen sense of observation, Valquiria Imperiano is able to incorporate all the most important creative elements into her art, giving colour and force to the subjects of her work. Her paintings and writings have a great complexity, greater than it appears at first glance, which enables the viewer to enjoy and interpret more and differently in accordance with their mood.


In Switzerland since 1997, where she lives and is a naturalised citizen, she regularly participates in exhibitions. Her sculptures, which represent human bodies, are made with plaster, resin, bronze and terracotta and have met with critical acclaim.


She has held or contributed to art exhibitions in Europe and Brazil. She is a member of Rebra (Network of Brazilian Writers) and is an academic of the Academy of Arts of Fortaleza. She has published texts in several anthologies: A Thousand Poems for Gonçalves Dias, Revenge 2, The 4th Poetic Anthology of PASC, Poetic Costumes, We Are Brazilian poems and tales, The 4th Anthology Clothesline, (Lindas Lendas Brsileiras) Beautiful Legends Brazilian and the To be a Brazilian Anthology. She will exhibit at a show being organized by the Cultural Section of the Embassy of Brazil in Oslo in September 2014.


Publications: Southend-on-Sea Tales Exhibition; Cofre Aberto (Safe and Open); Espelho meu Espelho (My Mirror Mirror); Navegando em Ondas Altas; Acostureira que remendava Lembranças; 30 Antologias; MEmbro da Academia de letras e artes Luso-Suisso; Academia de Artes e Letras de Fortaleza.




1982 - Rolândia Paraná

1983 – Exposition à la Galerie Stylos -  Mandaguari - Brasil

1984 à 1988 – Galerie L’atelier – Maringá

1984 –  Maringá – Brasil

1985 – Londrina – Brasil (sculptures et toiles)

1985 – Atelier Leticia Faria – Londrina  Brasil (collective)

1986 – Association des Artistes Peintres de Maringá - Brasill  (collective)

1987 – Association des Artistes Peintres de Maringá – Brasil  (collective)

1988 – Association  des Artistes Peintres de Maringá - Brasil- (collective)

1989 – III Salon de Jacarezinho, São Paulo – Brasil

1991 – Porto Alegre  –  Brasil

1991 – Bento Gonçalves – Brasil

1991 – Salon du printemps - Brasilia - Brasil

1991 – Salon d’été, Curitiba   Brasil   

1992 – Balnéario  de Camboriu  Brasil (sculptures et toiles)

1992 – Esteio – Brasil (sculpture et toiles)

1992 – Centre de Conventions, Rio de Janeiro  - Brasil

1993 – Centre Integrado de Culture  de Florianópolis   –   Brasil (collective)

1993 – Balneario de Camboriu – Brasil

1995 – Centre  de  Eventos de  Florianópolis –  Brasil

( sculptures et toiles - collective)

1997 – Premier  Salon da Base Aérea   de Florianópolis –  Brésil (collective)

1997 – Maison de Champel - Genebra

1998 – Galerie d’Octobre – Genebra

1999 – Galerie la Primaire – Genebra (coletiva)

1999 – Hôtel Epson –  Genebra

1999 – Galerie Champel – Genebra (coletiva)

2000 –Galerie Art Dépôt, Académie Européenne des Arts et Viv’Art- Lausanne

2000 – Galerie Champel – Genebra

2000 – Galerie  Imperio – Carouge (collective)

2000- La tour Lombarde – Conthey – Suisse

2001 – Galerie Imperio – Carouge

2001 – Galerie Champel – Genebra ( collective)

2001 – Galerie Jaykay – Lausanne 

2001 – Galerie Jaykay – Lausanne (collective)

2001- Galerie Jaykay – Genève (collective)

2001 - Galerie d’art imperio- Carouge

2002 – Jornada com o groupo ARVA – Sion -Suisse

2002 - Galerie Diamono – Carouge(collective)

2003- Galerie Boré - Genève

2003-Espaço Fernando Pessoa - Genebra

2004 - Château de la Tour-de-Pilz – collective)

2004- 3ème Biennale - Salon de Prestige Les Créateurs du siècle- Dijon-France

2005 - Atelier Portes Ouvertes – Genebra

2005- Rivière des arts - Montreux avec l’association d’artiste peintre Arva

2005 - Association des sculpteurs Suisse à Meyrin(collective)

2006- Galerie la Passerelle - Lausanne

2006- Artistes Contemporain- Salon International d’Art - Genebra

2007- Journée Portes ouvertes – Genebra

2008- 5 ème Biennale de Dijon - France

2008- Individuel à la Mansarde – Genebra

2009-  Salon contemporain - Genebra

2010 - Galerie Jaykay- Carouge- Suisse

2012 - Southend Pier Center  Cultural- Inglaterra

2014 - Centre Cultural du Consulado Brasileiro -  Oslo- Norvège

2014- New york

2015 – Genève

2015 - Galerie Mansarde – Genève

2016 –Café Pessoa - Genève




À Genève : portraits, sculptures et dessins - commandes privées ;

Pinture d’un hérisson para uma empresa de Genebra durante a  campanha de recuperação 2 des recyclables de la ville de Genève » ;

Realisação de um busto em bronze para a vila do Rio Grande do Sul ;

Pintura de tromp l'oil - Genève

Pintura de plafond de residencia - Genève


Valquiria Imperiano
Rue du Près-Jerôme, 12  1205
Genève - Suisse
+41 79 616 37 93                                                         

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